SEC Rejects Coinbase Request for Crypto Regulatory Clarity

• The SEC has rebuked Coinbase’s request for regulatory clarity.
• Coinbase had asked the SEC to provide guidance on its operations and products.
• The SEC responded that the request was “meritless”.

SEC Rebukes Coinbase Request for Regulatory Clarity

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has responded to a request from cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase asking for regulatory clarity on its operations and products. The SEC’s response was that the request was „meritless“.

Coinbase Request

Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, had requested guidance from the SEC on how it should interpret certain regulations when dealing with cryptocurrencies. It wanted to know whether its activities would be considered as securities transactions, or if they would be exempt from certain restrictions due to their nature as digital assets or virtual currencies.

SEC Response

In response, the SEC said that Coinbase’s appeal was „meritless“ and did not provide any further guidance on how it should interpret regulations when dealing with cryptocurrencies. This is despite increasing calls from industry participants for greater regulatory clarity in this space.

Cryptocurrency Regulations

Cryptocurrencies are currently not subject to any federal regulation in the US, although there have been some attempts by state authorities to impose certain restrictions. As such, many companies operating in this space have been left without proper guidance on how they should operate within existing laws and regulations.


The SEC’s response highlights its reluctance to provide clear guidelines on cryptocurrency regulation in the US at present. Until more detailed guidance is provided by regulators, companies operating within this space will continue to face uncertainty over their legal status and obligations going forward.