Kennedy and DeSantis Unite Against CBDCs: The Fight For Financial Freedom

• Ron DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have united in their opposition to CBDCs, expressing praise for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instead.
• A Florida bill has been passed to effectively outlaw CBDCs in the state, with DeSantis arguing that such a restriction would protect citizens from financial surveillance.
• Kennedy echoed the sentiment and emphasized that citizens should be free to use and store their money without government interference.

DeSantis & Kennedy United Against CBDCs

Ron DeSantis, Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Florida, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Democratic presidential candidate, have joined forces in opposition to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). They have both praised Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies instead as an alternative to state-backed digital currencies. In April, DeSantis proposed a state law banning CBDCs which was ultimately passed by the legislature on May 3rd, effectively outlawing them in Florida.

DeSantis Argues Against Financial Surveillance

DeSantis has argued that a prohibition against CBDCs is necessary in order to protect citizens from financial surveillance. During a May 2nd event he asserted that Floridians should be free to decide how they invest their money without government interference or control.

Kennedy Emphasizes Protection from Established Interests

Kennedy further emphasized this sentiment with a lengthy Twitter thread on Friday May 5th – “This is not a right- or left-wing issue” he wrote “It is about protecting democracy from powerful established interests” His argument is that the ability to save and spend without political interference is key for meaningful dissent which must be defended accordingly by all parties involved regardless of political affiliation.

Cryptocurrencies Preferred Over CBDCs

The joint opposition of DeSantis & Kennedy towards CBDCs stands out particularly due to its rare cross-party agreement on an issue while facing off for presidential office. The two politicians have put forth crypto as an alternative asset class preferable over any central bank digital currency offering more freedom regarding saving & spending money without government control or surveillance attached to it .


The fight against CBDCs appears far from over with both candidates continuing their campaigns against state-backed digital currencies while advocating for cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset class instead offering more freedom regarding saving & spending money without government control or surveillance attached .