Cardano Founder Slams Ethereum’s Staking Process: I Told You So!

• Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, criticized Ethereum’s staking process.
• Justin Drake, an Ethereum developer, sparked controversy with his comments on the network’s staking mechanism.
• Hoskinson seized the opportunity to make a jab at Ethereum while also recalling past instances when their developers had mocked Cardano’s infrastructure.

Charles Hoskinson Blasts Ethereum’s Staking Process

Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, recently took a swipe at Ethereum’s staking mechanism as part of an ongoing rivalry between the two networks. This was in response to controversial comments made by Justin Drake, an Ethereum developer. His words further intensified the competition between the two cryptos and provided another “I told you so” moment for Hoskinson who has long sought to highlight Cardano’s superiority over its more established rival.

Justin Drake Sparks Controversy

Justin Drake recently stirred up controversy with his thoughts on the staking process of Ethereum in a podcast interview. He reasoned that he hadn’t staked much of his Ether (ETH), claiming “When you make sausage, you know how it’s made“. The analogy quickly spread across Crypto Twitter and many expressed concern about what this could mean for the network’s staking model. This action aligned with Founder Vitalek Buterin who has avoided staking his tokens due to security concerns and potential conflict of interest.

Hoskinson Seizes Opportunity

With the community riled up by Drake’s comments, Charles Hoskinson capitalized on the opportunity to laud his own network while taking a jab at Ethereum’s infrastructure. He reminded followers that he had previously spoken out against their design decisions and recalled moments where they mocked Cardano’s staking model. This is not the first time he has thrown mud at ETH either; Hoskinson often compares their process to unconventional things such as dumpsters or classic Russian nesting dolls whenever possible.

Rivalry Intensifies Between Networks

The rivalry between Cardano and Ethereum intensified following these events with both parties now vying for supremacy in terms of fees, security, smart contracts and especially -stacking processes- which have become a point of contention between them both . While each blockchain continues to roll out features designed to increase usability and attract new users – including DeFi support , better scalability solutions and improved governance structures – it remains unclear which will come out ahead in this fierce race for total cryptocurrency domination .


Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson took advantage of recent criticism leveled against Ethereum by one of its own developers in order to further cement his network’s superiority over its rival . Despite continued advancements from both blockchains , only time will tell which will ultimately take home victory in this battle for crypto dominance .